Love of Knowledge

“I learned that not only am I capable of learning but that it can make a huge difference in my life.”

Love of Nature

“Six months ago, you couldn’t get me away from my computer. Now I can’t get enough of being in nature. It’s an awesome land.”

Love of Self

“At first everything in my head was so negative. Slowly, talking things through, I learned a lot of great things about myself and believe it or not even about my parents.”


“When you see the young man as a success and treat him as a success and tell him every day that he is a success, he starts believing that success is a real option.”

Focus and Persistence

“Last year I was wild and all over the place, in the way I thought, felt and acted. Now I understand that achievement is all about focusing on a goal and sticking with it.”


How we do it?

Our approach utilizes three components. Mindfulness regarding the Self, mindfulness regarding one's Family, and mindfulness regarding one's connection to our People and Land.

The Self

Teenagers who are confused are first and foremost perplexed about their basic identity. As young children, we are not cognitively or emotionally capable of engaging in self-reflection.

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The Family

No man is an island and no teen grows up in a vacuum. The second component of our approach is to develop healthier communication between parents and their challenging teenager.

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People and Land

As the teen begins to develop mindfulness towards himself and his family, we begin to have him reflect upon his relationship with peers and the wider social universe.

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