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About us

Matara is a Jewish Therapeutic Boarding School for Teenagers aged 12 to 19 in Israel. We offer a program for boys and a program for girls. We are located in Israel but our students and staff come from almost every continent around the globe. Our programs are individualized for each student and … [Read More...]

Engagement & Acheivement

Engage­ment & Achieve­ment

At Matara, our students learn to identify, appreciate and develop their own areas of strength. Our teens have a chance to nurture and explore their own talents. By building on their strengths, our students engage with their own potential. When a teen can build on his own resources he can … [Read More...]

Building Positive Experiences

Building Positive Exper­iences

At Matara, each student is infused with experiences that offer success and fulfillment, rather than failure and frustration. All of the young men who arrive at Matara have literally been overdosed on negativity. They have been told time and time again about their repeated "screw-ups". Teachers, … [Read More...]

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